Bob Allen - Visual Expression

Welcome to my website.

Artist Statement.

Since childhood I have had an interest in mechanical devices. When I was a small boy I had the usual Dinky toys and Meccano but then I was given a quantity of Plasticine with which I modeled a world of make believe based upon machines.

As a young man I studied engineering and this interest in machines developed into wanting to find out how they worked in detail. So I soon became more interested in what was happening underneath the bonnet of the car rather than the shape of the car itself.

I have also over many years been interested in art and between 2004 and 2010 took my BA in Fine Art at the University of Nottingham. As my art studies progressed I started to incorporate my interest in machines into my art practice. I have also widened my skills base from 3D modeling to printing, which is now my preferred medium.

In my current work I pay tribute to some of the iconic paintings of the past and reproduce the images using bicycle parts as the motifs. This is not only to celebrate past masterpieces but also to remind us of the significance of machines in our everyday lives.

June 2012